Welcome to The Barber’s Den.



Our first shop: opened in 2010 and has been a staple of Downtown Melrose. We originally started as a Walk-In-Only shop, and would often see over 100 people walk through our doors everyday. In order to grow and create a better balance for our barbers and clients we changed to being appointment only. (although we still take walk-ins based off availability) We have five barbers, all sharing the same passions: hair, quality, and having a good time.


In 2014 we opened our Belmont shop in the redeveloping area of Cushing Square. With our circa 1900’s barber chairs and our online booking, we are a fair balance between new and vintage.

3rd location: Somerville

Right outside Union Square, which is most famously known for the donuts. This shop opened its doors in April of 2019. Our newest and most thought-out design. This beautiful space, designed by JoeTheArchitect is primarily focussed on offering on short-style haircuts. This space is also used to host hair classes to other professionals in our industry.


About the owner.


Barber’s Den founder, Evan Georgopoulos,

I call this business a life-long project. In what started as a way to make some extra money back in is early high school days, barbering has transformed into a whole lot more. Growing up in family restaurants I always saw how service played a huge part in business, and was fascinated with how much the little details really mattered. Finding the art of cutting hair really satisfied me. It was a way to pass time, and my passion for it put me in opportunities I didn’t know existed. 22 years old with a business on Main Street in the city I grew up in. Humbled, young, and focussed was enough to give us our start.

Now as the business grows, I grow too.

The people who I work with me push me everyday as an attempt to remain the leader.

The goal is to create opportunities for people to excel in a professional setting. To create work-life balances for my barbers so they can offer the best service possible to their guests, in a hobby in which we call, a career.